Gift Guide 2021: The best presents for the menopausal woman on your list

Mean Magazine holiday gift guide 2021

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Menopause and the holidays don’t mix terribly well. Hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain—it can all make one feel like decking the halls not at all.

So surprise the special midlife woman in your life with a thoughtful, useful, and/or delightful gift, and she may feel more like getting her fa la la on.

We’ve gathered some gift ideas that will show your menopausal loved one that you get what she’s going through. These presents will help make her transition through midlife chic, interesting, and/or fun. Whether she loves cooking, fashion, reading, sleeping, or if she just hates sweating profusely without warning, we’ve got the perfect gift for her.

tiger dragon white leather handheld fanPubumésu Macan Tiger Print Fan, $140

It’s the chicest way to keep cool when a hot flash strikes, tiger. Fits nicely into a handbag. No batteries necessary.


midi black cotton poplin shirt dress

Wardrobe.Nyc cotton poplin shirt dress, $595

This is the wardrobe best friend of any woman who wants her clothing to touch her skin as little as possible. The description says it’s for warm weather, but don’t forget high temps are striking at unexpectedly—menopause doesn’t care if it’s December. Plus, you can’t go wrong with all black. Let her mix up the accessories as her mood dictates because it may change frequently.

The Book of Hope Jane Goodall

The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times, $26

If anyone can talk me into being hopeful during these trying times for humans and the planet, it’s Jane Goodall. In conversations with Douglas Abrams that took place over a year during the pandemic, she explains her optimism for our future. And we could all use a little of that right now.


Fiat Lux FU necklace

Fiat Lux FU Necklace, $94-$528

She’s gonna be flipping the bird. So help her do it with luxury and style.

wol hide easy box mockneck turtleneck

Wol Hide Easy Box Mockneck, $99

Sometimes we feel bad about our necks. We try not to, but it’s hard. A turtleneck can make it better! Especially one made of the softest sustainable cotton like this one. Bonus points if you make it a set!

automatic stirrer

Automatic pan stirrer with timer, $25

That brain fog thing menopausal women talk about? It’s real. Help a sister not burn her eggs.

Nisolo sunset earrings

Nisolo Sunset earrings, $35

These shiny brass earrings will brighten anyone’s day, even if she’s experiencing one of the approximately 3, 241 symptoms of perimenopause.

Pause hot flash cooling mist

Pause Hot Flash Cooling Mist, $33

The hot and flashy woman in your life will welcome a minty-cool shot of this magical mist. Feels lovely on the neck, belly, cleavage, or anywhere the temp gets firey.

Desmond and Dempsey jag black pajamas

Desmond & Dempsey black jag animal print organic cotton pajama set, $185

Cozy flannel might seem like a good choice for holiday pajamas, but night sweats are a thing better combined with organic cotton. Keep in mind she might use more than one set per night. Check out the full list of our favorite PJs!

black and gold journal

Wilde House paper night journal, $26

We need a place to write all those things we can’t say out loud, especially in the middle of the night when sleep is elusive.

Mi Cocina classic apron raw denim

Mi Cocina classic denim apron, $99

Mi Cocina was created by denim guru Ulrich Simpson. His signature aprons are made of the most durable, American-made, sustainable denim, and will stand up to years of use—in fact, they become even more beautiful over time. With adjustable straps, the classic apron comes in sizes XS to XXL, and four shades of denim: light vintage, medium vintage, raw denim, and black.

mini desk fan

West Elm V-Fan mini classic air circulator, $49

Trust us, even if it’s the dead of winter, she needs this on her desk or at her bedside. And having a cute fan might make dealing with hot flashes a little less of a bummer. Also comes in white.

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