Podcast Episode 28: How yoga is caught, not taught
Episode 27: The What founder Gina Pell on perennials, quarantine, Taylor Swift and more
Episode 26: Alisson Wood on Being Lolita
Episode 25: A former exotic dancer reflects on the power of stripping and unionizing
Episode 24: Meet the fashion designer who said goodbye to Instagram
Episode 22: Two founders, 53 and 30, launch a sustainable fashion brand
Episode 21: Elisa Batista on career, kids, midlife, and how to divorce a public figure
Episode 20:  Finding an identity in the space between black and white
Episode 19: Listen to sustainable, inclusive fashion designer Taylor Jay’s story of resilience

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Serial entrepreneur Christine Marie Mason on founding 6 companies, midlife, and intimate wellness
Episode 17: How to weather a pandemic and grow a shoe business like a grownup
Episode 16: The truth about hormone replacement therapy and how to get it from home

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