Mean Reads: Moxie and more highlight Gen X in media, plus middle parts forever
Mean Reads: Salma Hayek is making a comedy about boobs need I say more
Mean Reads: Lots of Kamala, plus menopause and sex; menopause and Covid; menopause and memory
It’s official: Kamala Harris is a Gen Xer
Mean Reads: Midlife nutrition, Tyler Perry’s selfies, menopause face and lots more
The Kamala Harris Vogue Cover Is Disappointing
Should I take hormone replacement therapy?
Mean Reads: Stacy Abrams, Frances McDormand, Tracee Ellis Ross, Regina King and more
Women are hungry for menopause stories

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Martha Stewart gets frank about prison and rappers; Covid; money, money, money
Mean Reads: How to talk to women over 40, Karencore, Gen-X sex, and more
Tracy Chapman returns to the Late Night stage on Election Day eve

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