So you want to be an activist? Here’s how to get started.
Mean Reads: No. 1 hits by women over 40; terrifying white women; coming setbacks for women
Mean Reads: Women continue to lip sync Trump thank heavens; Roe’s deathbed confession; scary Mrs. America
Episode 16: The truth about hormone replacement therapy and how to get it from home
Episode 15: Two Gen Xers walk into a podcast
Episode #14: Banana Republic art director Kim Mitchell on her dream job, addiction, and loss

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Mean episode #13: Lizzie Bermudez talks ageism and sexism in the television industry
Mean Reads: 30 more days; women’s PPE needed; Keanu Reeves; believe women?
Women lip syncing Trump’s nonsense on TikTok is saving me right now

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Mean Reads: How coronavirus is crushing Gen X women; unsung women of jazz; Biden’s running mate?
Mean Reads: Women leaders handling coronavirus; gender roles under SIP; Zoom interruptions
Podcast #11: How this O.G. self-care author finally learned to be kind to herself

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