Mean Reads: 2020 is the year of women over 50; funny female tweets; better sex; more!
How Mean became nasty

How Mean became nasty

Mean reads: Funniest female tweets; modern Little Women; Finland equalizes family leave; more!
You can buy tickets to New York Fashion Week; here are 9 reasons why you probably shouldn’t
Mean Reads: J. Lo’s Super Bowl performance will be unpaid; the illusion of Gen X success; Recording Academy woes and more!
Mean Reads: Does the women’s march matter? Weinstein; Female Trumpers; and why can’t be believe a woman can win?
Mean Reads: Winning Warren; Women Snubbed by Oscars, Rock & Roll; Women’s March Tries Again
Where are the women over 50 in American fashion magazines?
Mean reads: Exhausted Gen X; gray hair inspiration; too pretty for plumbing
Making peace with astrology
Mean reads: Black girl pageant magic; billionaire women; HRT mixed messages
Mean Reads: How friendship changes with age, sex after 50, pre-censorship Hollywood women

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