Jennifer Segale on surviving colon cancer, dry farming, and her organic skincare line

Jennifer Regale of Garden Apothecary and Wildflower Farms

I was surprised by this interview so many times: Dry farming with no electricity—what?Founding said farm at 16, and sticking with it for 23 years? Colon cancer diagnosis at 37, and beating the odds with a full recovery, thank heavens. Oh, and gray hair at 18!

Jennifer Lee Segale is a professional botanist and founder of Wildflower Farms, an organic landscape design and consulting company specializing in coastal plantings, edible gardens, habitat restoration and unique plant sourcing. She has a rich background in farming and plant propagation, and her design and consulting services focus on plant and soil care.

The farm’s no-till, dry-farmed medicinal herbs also supply Segale’s skincare and wellness brand Garden Apothecary, with two storefronts in Half Moon Bay, CA.

“Garden Apothecary is really set apart from other brands by our growing of ingredients and making everything in-house,” she says. “We really try to come from the plant’s perspective, with gentle growing techniques and minimal harvesting—thus being able to offer unique and sustainable products, with a lot of integrity behind them.”

Jenn lives by the beach with her husband, two step-children, piles of books and her two sweet dogs, Sorrel and Oolong.

Click through to the podcast to hear her story!


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