Episode 38: Making peace with your past and embracing the opportunities of life after 40

Karen Randall
Life coach Karen Randall helps women at midlife explore the questions that not many on social media are talking about. As we look at our changing faces in the mirror, many of us ask: What’s next for me? What path do I take when it feels like my best years are behind me? I have so many ideas, how do I pick the right one when time feels so short?

Video and audio editing by Sofija Jovanov.

While it’s wonderful that we’re seeing more midlife women on social media, and that we’re all encouraging each other to embrace our age with empowering mantras, (Own it! Do you! Don’t give an F what anyone thinks!), for many of us, it’s so much easier said than done.

In this episode, Karen discusses how you can explore those questions to actually get to that chill-AF-about-aging state of mind. It was really fun digging into all of this with Karen, I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

Find out more about Karen’s work at her website!


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