Episode 40: Writer Brad King on white men as weapons, masculinity as kindness, Captain and Tenille and more

brad king and kristen philipkoski
Introducing: Brad King, the first man on The Mean Show podcast!

I talk in my recorded intro a lot about Brad being supportive of women, which is obviously awesome. On his podcast, The Downtown Writers Jam, he gave female authors a platform when Covid descended upon us all and no one could do book tours. Really cool.

But what I neglect to mention in the intro is his support of BIPOC communities. His self-awareness and introspection about his status and role as a white man in America is inspiring and all too rare. Not that he would ever say any of that.

Brad and I worked together long ago at Wired—in the intro I say early 2000s but I think it was actually the late ’90s if you can believe that. We talk about writing, therapy, Ted Lasso, and so much more.


Brad King
The Downtown Writers Jam podcast
KP on the Downtown Writers Jam podcast
Vendettas: Clay County War
The ‘Lost Tribe’ of Appalachia

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