Episode 41: Why do doctors love hormone treatments until women want to use them to feel better?

Gwendolyn Floyd

Gwendolyn Floyd, co-founder and CEO of Wile Women

The fact that spellcheck still doesn’t know how to spell perimenopause kind of says it all.

A wide-ranging lack of knowledge and utter confusion (even among gynecologists) around perimenopause, menopause and women’s health during this transitional time of life are why today’s guests, Gwendolyn Floyd (CEO) and Julie Kucinski (CMO)—along with founding partners Judy Greer (yes from Arrested Development!) and Corey Scholibo—founded Wile Women.

Wile Women makes products to support women’s health after 40ish. Using plant medicine supported by clinical studies, the brand demystifies and embraces hormonal health. Products support and regulate the big three: estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol, with tinctures, supplements and drinks.

Instead of using single ingredients to tackle symptoms, the brand says: “Wile looks at women and formulations holistically, because that’s how our bodies and nature really work.”

That’s why, for example, their Drinking Your Feelings, Un-Anger, and Tranq Drank, products contain a blend of ingredients that work together to combat unwanted symptoms.

In this episode, we discuss the flawed Women’s Health Initiative study of 2002, which, incredibly, 20 years later is still scaring us away from hormone treatments. We also discuss naturopathy, medical gaslighting and so much more. I learned so much from these two during our conversation and I hope you will too!


Wile Women
Gwendolyn Floyd
Julie Kucinski
Judy Greer

Video and audio editing by Sofija Jovanov.

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