F That: Matching—how to mix prints like a boss

Chanel 2021/2022

Photo via Chanel

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being “proper,” and how much I hate the idea. Yet, I’m unconsciously drawn to it. I want people to like me. I don’t want to offend people. But I want to not care too much if I accidentally do. Unless I was really a jerk which I’d never want.

I want my daughter to feel proud of me when I pick her up at school. Like, “yeah, that’s my mom, bitches!” And how can that happen if I show up wearing a floral top with plaid pants? But then I want her to be proud of me for not giving a shit about the status quo. But I don’t want to make her too uncomfortable but I want to push her comfort level but I don’t want to completely repulse her do you see my dilemma?

Also I really don’t want her to swear but what is the harm, really?

Ultimately, I want to not care. And mostly I don’t, but sometimes I do.

So here I have collected lots of excuses for you to NOT CARE ABOUT MATCHING. What a waste of time and mental energy, truly.

Some say there are some rules about mixing prints. Like choose a smaller print to mix with a larger one, and choose ones with some color similarities. But maybe just F all that and mismatch to your heart’s content. If Chanel has given its stamp of approval, surely it must be O.K.

Beth Jones is the MASTER of mixing prints, check her out.


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It can be as simple as pairing different stripes, like Roz!

Ace & Jig fall 2021

Ace & Jig makes is easy to mix prints!

Collina Strada pre spring 2022 collection

Collina Strada shows how it’s done.

YES, Abby!


Gucci, period.

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