Get 25% off the best Bobbi Brown beauty products for mature skin on July 26 in the final week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Julianne Moore Cannes 2016

Oh to look as fresh-faced and polished as Julianne Moore in 2016. Photo by Georges Biard via Wikipedia.

Bobbi Brown is an iconic makeup and beauty brand, and it has some fantastic products for mature skin. But Bobbi Brown products are rarely marked down, so the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is your chance to score this high-end brand on a discount.

As we get older, our skin tends to beg for moisture. In my former life, I was averse to any amount of oiliness in my beauty products for fear of acne breakouts and shine that seemed more greasy than glossy. I used only powder formulas—anyone remember corn silk (“corn, that’s right, CORN”)?

Apparently that stuff could control shine even in the midst of a Studio 54 disco party.

These days I’m shocked to find myself applying actual oil to my face before applying a foundation serum that contains all sorts of emollients and leaves a decidedly dewey finish. And I’m always looking for more products that are creamy and enriching. Shine? Bring it on, the more the merrier.

That makes the Nordstrom Anniversary Bobbi Brown sale extra exciting, because the brand has so many products in the rich and creamy category. In particular, since my tutorial with makeup artist Brigitte Calle, I’m all about eyeshadow sticks (love this sampler). I also love the gel eyeliner. I bought one once on an international flight from the duty-free cart (do they even do that anymore), and the product lasted literally for years (by the way you’ll need a nice angled brush for that—this one does double duty as a brow brush, too).

You’ll also find long-wear foundation stick, creamy concealer, and even a highlighter that works with mature skin.

Whether you’re a longtime Bobbi Brown fanatic or just hunting for a deal on mature makeup, don’t miss these rare markdowns happening today, July 26 for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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