I’m ready to dress up again if I can wear white platform sneakers (and if they cost under $100)


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As I sift trough emails and articles and catalogs with images of happy scenes during holiday gatherings, I feel quite excited to be one of those smiling people, celebrating friends and family and the experiences we’ve been forced to keep at bay for nearly a year and a half. And I’ve decided that this will come to pass if I’m wearing white platform sneakers.

I will not be wearing the traditional dress-up heels in these scenarios. I just will not subject myself to foot pain; plus, sneakers are so on trend and chic, why would you?

It was the photo above from the brand Frame that got me thinking enthusiastically about a fancy outfit with white platform sneaks. The all-black silk satin has a luxe pajama feel, and the sneakers are casual, and together the outfit is elevated and party-ready. And aren’t we all at this point?

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