Mean Reads: ‘And Just Like That,’ world’s oldest club kid, Midlife Bites, and more!

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Why do women gain belly fat at midlife? [The New York Times]

Life as the world’s oldest club kid [Villiage Voice]

‘And Just Like That’ turns Sex and the City characters into embarrassing, out of touch women left behind by the world [The Independent]

‘And Just Like That’ finds the demented comedy in life’s humiliations [Vox]

Review: ‘And Just Like That,’ it all went wrong [The New York Times]

Middle age doesn’t happen ‘Just Like That’ [The New York Times]

Four factors at midlife predict a healthy old age for women [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Face your fear: Meet the women setting daunting midlife challenges []

Jen Mann skewers midlife in her new book, Midlife Bites [The Pitch KC]

1 in 3 midlife women have some type of urinary incontinence, new study finds [Everyday Health]

Reflections of a midlife millennial[Abacus Data]

What to do if you’re feeling the midlife burn [Stuff]

Midlife diet could help you eat your way to a healthy brain [MedicalExpress]

Race, ethnicity impact gastrointestinal symptoms durng menopause transition [Healio]

Higher estrogen exposure tied to larger gray matter volume in midlife women [Neurology Advisor]

Women over 50 in advertising are as rare as unicorn tears [Creativebrief]

70% of sexually active women in midlife experience sexual dysfunction [CNA Lifestyle]

Women’s cognition midlife may be linked to cardiovascular problems [MedicalNewsToday]

Why making friends in midlife is so hard [The Atlantic]

Why few women are pleased with the results of labiaplasty [Psychology Today]

5 Davina McCall quotes + wise words you need to inspire a healthier 2022 [Women’s Health]

Midlife diet could help yo eat your way to a healthy brain [MedicalXpress]

50 over 50: Asia 2022 [Forbes]

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