Mean Reads: AOC lands Time cover, Jacindamania, get that raise

AOC time cover

AOC on the cover of Time

AOC on the cover of time: “I used to be much more cynical about how much was up against us. I think I’ve changed my mind. Because I think that change is a lot closer than we think.” [Time]

This is what no one tells women about what happens to your body in your 40s: “I wipe away my tears, wishing someone would have mentioned I’d spend much of my midlife on the bathroom floor, crying ― I would have opted for nicer tiles.” [HuffPost]

New Zealand’s prime minister receives worldwide praise for her response to the mosque shootings: “Dignity. Grace. Courage.” [Washington Post]

An all-female fire crew in Mountain View inspires ‘fire camp:’ “When you plant a seed early and start to water that and give it a little bit of sunshine, then it can grow.” [CBS Local SF]

Missy Elliot joins Lizzo on new track ‘Tempo’: “Ice on my neck like brrr/ I’m big-boned with nice curves/ Look at me, I know I look grrrd.” [Consequence of Sound]

The first woman wins the ‘Nobel for Math’: “I am aware of the fact that I am a role model for young women in mathematics. It’s hard to be a role model, however, because what you really need to do is show students how imperfect people can be and still succeed.” [Fortune]

The Mississippi law that could send Roe V. Wade back to the Supreme Court: “The bill, set to take effect in July, bans abortions after a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat during an ultrasound, unless the mother’s health is at extreme risk. Heartbeats can be found just six weeks into pregnancy — before some women even know they are pregnant'” [Washington Post]

Buccaneers hire 2 female assistant coaches: “The Buccaneers have hired Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar, making Tampa Bay the first NFL team with two female coaches on staff.” [ESPN]

The Anger of Amy Klobuchar: “Trying to sell cruelty and pathological behavior as a feminist victory is yet another reason that so many women who care deeply about equality don’t identify themselves as feminists.”  [The Atlantic]

The FDA approves the first drug for postpartum depression: “The medication works quickly, within 48 hours. But it’s an expensive infusion and requires a stay in a medical center.” [The New York Times]

How to get the raise you deserve: “What many workers don’t take into consideration is their boss’ personality type.” [NBC]

Women and people of color are rising in the theater world: “My first season will follow a season with eight white male playwrights,” Ms. Sharif said. “They’re interesting plays. But my season will feel different.” [The New York Times]

Male democratic presidential nominee hopeful ignores historical gender inequities: “Of course, but … I’ll ask you another question,” Hickenlooper said, in response to CNN anchor Dana Bash. “How come we’re not asking, more often, the women, ‘Would you be willing to put a man on the ticket?’” [Vox]




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