Mean reads: Exhausted Gen X; gray hair inspiration; too pretty for plumbing

why we can't sleep Ada Calhoun

Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun



Study shows beauty hinders women’s chances in masculine jobs [Global Construction Review]

How DTC brands are marketing to Gen X women [Glossy]

Elizabeth Wurtzel showed us the power of ‘crazy’ women [The Washington Post]

Glossy podcast with Universal Standard founder Alexandra Waldman [Glossy]

Interview: Ada Calhoun, author of ‘Why we can’t sleep’ [NPR]

Elizabeth Wurtzel and the illusion of Gen X success [The New York Times]

Gen X women are caught in a generational tug-of-war [The Atlantic]

OK slacker, can Gen X save the world? [Forbes]

Tips for middle-aged women on how to look stunning in photos [The New Yorker]

Can you believe the ERA has still not passed? [Reuters]

For Gen X women, middle age is exhausting. Here’s why [The Washington Post]

Why do women pay more for a short haircut? [BBC]

Where women’s healthcare is lacking, women are dying [The Hill]

Where are the women on Massachusetts’ list of highest-paid workers? [The Boston Globe]

Gen X women sleep less than any other generation. What’s keeping them up? [Time]

The best and worst cities for black women [CityLab]

A porn site tricked and degraded women, and that was exactly its point [The Guardian]

Online movement to embrace is inspiring Minnesota women to ditch dye [Star Tribune]

He left after a women complained; his next job was bigger [The New York Times]

Women’s salaries in Washington show signs of stalling compared to men []

The nipple is still not free [BBC]






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