Mean Reads: Finding security during COVID, Hollywood discovers midlife, don’t be a Miranda

Dolly Parton

Photo by Eva Rinaldi on Flickr

Generation X seems to be appearing more and more in the news, and that’s a good thing. Gen X women in particular are having a moment. And I know Dolly Parton is not a Gen Xer, but we need to celebrate her as much as possible. Read all about it below.

The invisibility war on older women [Psychology Today]

At 53, bucking the great resignation [Oldster]

Why is ‘And Just Like That…’ being so weird about menopause? [Vogue]

Midlife isn’t a crisis, but sleep, stress and happiness feel a little different after 35—or whenever middle age actually begins [The Conversation]

The secret to avoiding a midlife crisis [Popular Science]

Absolutely have your midlife sexual reawakening but don’t be a Miranda [InStyle]

“Compared with the dead ends that Ryan, Perkins, and Wright encountered in traditional Hollywood, the trajectory for female stars is thriving on the competition among HBO, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and others. A glut of roles now combine the personal and the professional, offering a chance not to be pigeonholed as “the wife” or “the mom”—or, conversely, the career woman free of domestic responsibilities.”

Hollywood discovers the middle-aged woman [The Atlantic]

When your mother looks younger than you [Oldster]

Emma Thompson’s first nude scene was at the age of 62 [CinemaCafe]

Dolly Parton talks turning 76, baking and her best age  [CBS Mornings]

“…what if taking yourself seriously meant to treat financial health and emotional security with the same respect that your younger self once believed you should treat your process of self actualization? “

Dolly Parton’s Dollywood will pay tuition costs for employees pursuing higher education [MSN]

20 facts about Generation X [Salon]

The Gen X activists upending politics [Politico]

Gen X, grunge, and sellout stuff, Chuck Klosterman on “The Nineties” [Esquire]




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