Mean Reads: Gaslighting, drinking, rage and more for Gen X women

woman with short white hair drinking wine

Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Generation X are heavy, risky drinkers. Will anything ever persuade us to stop? [The Guardian]

Why security is an illusion, and how ‘The Forgotten Generation’ can build wealth [Forbes]

More women using cannabis for menopause symptoms [Eurekalert]

New therapies offer hope for minimizing hair loss for midlife women [Medical Xpress]

Sexual assault tied to later brain damage in women [CNN]

We’ve been gaslighting middle-aged women for generations and it’s got to stop [Scary Mommy]

Why I’m proud to be a woman of certain rage [The Daily Mail]

Should midlife women take testosterone to increase sex drive? [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

How to lose weight at midlife: the role of snacks, spouses and sleep [Today]

Stay hydrated to ward off heart failure [Yahoo!]

What happened when Gen X grew up—authors explore the ups and downs of aging [BBC]

I’m a midlife woman: here’s what the media still gets wrong about us [Yahoo!]


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