Mean Reads: Gen X ASMR; Second Covid booster; J. Jill for Gen X?

Vera Wang at British Academy Awards

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


Senior women bring experience and resilience to corporate leadership [Financial Times]

Reinvention after 50—how to start a business in midlife, from four women who did it [The Globe and Mail]

25 famous women achieving success later in life [The Cut]

13 inspiring stories from the Women in Science tour [Natural History Museum]


How J. Jill is (supposedly) winning over Gen X [Glossy]

The Second Half’ by Ellen Warner book review [Washington Post]

Gen X ASMR [AARP on TikTok]

Midlife miniskirts: would you wear one after 50? [The Times]

Title IX turns 50 [CBS Sports]

Title IX is turning 50, but more work remains to level the playing field for female athletes [Forbes]

Goddamned Beautiful [Oldster Magazine]

The Old Party [Oldster Magazine]


Why do many women in middle age are on antidepressants [Washington Post]

Endocrine therapy may benefit women in post menopause as much as chemoendocrine [Pharmacy Times]

Study: 1 in 7 women aged 50-74 who undergo mammogram are ‘over diagnosed’ for breast cancer [The Print]

More than half of women over 50 have thinning hair [Everyday Health]

Second Covid booster: why it’s key for women over 50 [Women’s Day]

How to avoid weight gain after 50? Start making changes in perimenopause. [NBC News]

How to combat low energy over 50 [MindBodyGreen]


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