Mean Reads: J. Lo’s Super Bowl performance will be unpaid; the illusion of Gen X success; Recording Academy woes and more!

J. Lo

Photo by Firdaus Latif

Why J. Lo and Shakira aren’t getting paid for their Super Bowl half-time show [Forbes]

Elizabeth Wurtzel and the illusion of Gen X success [NYT]

State Department bans NPR reporter from traveling with Pompeo after testy interview [VOX]

STEM heroines: 10 women in science you should know [CNN]

More women are holding political office, but not everywhere [538]

Knicks’ Marcus Morris calls opponent ‘woman like’ [For the Win]

With Kobe Bryant adulation—and alleged rape—woman who have been assaulted are traumatized again [Philadelphia Inquirer]

5 Ways women are pioneering the new flex workplace [Forbes]

How the internet killed feminism [Jezebel]

Climate breakdown ‘is increasing violence against women’ [The Guardian]

Super Bowl ads feature LGBTQ, women-centric messages [NBC]

Weinstein hired sleuths to squelch women’s stories, DA says [Bloomberg]

Transvaginal mesh: Johnson & Johnson fined $344 million for deceptive marketing to women [The Guardian]

Remember when Michael Bloomberg got that teacher fired? [Jezebel]

Vile man:’ Mother of viral meme star orders Rep. Steve King to stop using her son’s image in campaign ad [Washington Post]

Tulsi Gabbard sues for attention [The Atlantic]

The Recording Academy crisis is bigger than the Grammys [Jezebel]

How the humble sweater became a marker of chic [The Cut]




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