Mean Reads: Jen Kirkman’s new album OK, Gen X; Albright’s infuriating jewelry; more midlife crisis news

I have to pick Jen Kirkman’s new comedy album as the most exciting news of this week. It’s right up there with the millionth article no one wanted about midlife crises.


Jen Kirkman is at the top of her game in OK, Gen X [Paste]

How Madeline Albright infuriated Putin with her jewelry [The Telegraph]

Midlife women hold all the power, and only a fool would ignore them [The Telegraph]

Midlife crises for women: How it makes you a better person [LifeHack]

The Los Angeles philharmonic announces details for Gen X festival [Broadway World]

Millennials vs. Gen X: Who spends more time working vs. spending? [AOL]

How Generation X entrepreneurs consume content [LinkedIn]

Gen Xers do not like selfies [The Vindicator]


Use of antibiotics by women at midlife linked to cognitive decline [MedicalXpress]

The curse of creeping midlife weight gain – and how to stop it [Good Food]

Can startups make millions of midlife women feel better [LinkedIn]


Reinvention after 50: How to start a business at midlife from four women who did it [The Globe and Mail]

‘Testosterone-filled bear pit’ discourages women from economics [Financial Advisor]

Millennials and Gen X: This is why you’re having such a hard time saving for retirement [Marketwatch]








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