Mean Reads: Mango for midlifers, the Golden Girls of punk, thinning hair and more

black and white striped mango long dress

Photo via Mango

HelpAge is supporting older people in the Ukraine [Oldster magazine]

How Mango mastered midlife style and became the shop to beat on the hight street [The Telegraph]

The Golden Girls of Punk [Oldster Magazine]

For women, midlife can be a crisis of opportunity [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

New treatment for insomnia and night sweats found to be safe [News-Medical]

This is 51: Heather Havrilesky responds to the Oldster Magazine questionnaire [Oldster Magazine]

Midlife toolkit all women need to handle perimenopause, menopause, and beyond [Mirror]

More than half of women over 50 have thinning hair [Everyday Health]

Why sleep is one of the most overlooked wellbeing issues for midlife women [LinkedIn]

Why ageism in the workplace is a bigger obstacle than glass ceilings [South China Morning Post]

Midlife may begin at different times and brings opportunities, challenges [Washington Post]








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