Mean Reads: Menopause gold rush; thoughts on Miranda; music for menopause

Sarah Jessica Parker 2019

Photo by Georges Biard

Generation X, I see you: 5 pieces of financial advice for the forgotten generation [CNet]

From vaginal laser treatment to spa break—it’s the great menopause gold rush [The Guardian]

The mechanisms that produce menopause in plants identified [PhysOrg]

Take this hot flash and shove it! [The New York Times]

Listening to music can ease menopause transition [MedicalXpress]

Ireland opens a publicly-funded menopause clinic [Evoke]

Menopause made Penny Lancaster feel like she was ‘shutting down’ [Marie Claire]

Women who experience early menopause spend 4 months fewer in work during their early 50s [UCL]

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opens up about menopause on podcast [MSN]

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will be joined by a decorated cast for Murder Mystery 2 [Uproxx]

Why Jennifer Aniston feels her career is just getting started [Evoke]

Cynthia Nixon defends Miranda’s storyline in ‘Sex and the City’ reboot [Cosmopolitan]

Karen Pittman isn’t the new Samantha [The New York Times]

How Miranda went from ‘Sex and the City’s’ most relatable character to ‘And Just Like That’s’ most frustrating [Washington Post]

Miranda Hobbes has a high school crush [Bustle]

Miranda had her first queer sex scene in ‘And Just Like That’ and it might be the most uncomfortable in the franchise’s history [Insider]


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