Mean Reads: Midlife sex, menopause support at work, TMJ and more


Research explores impact of menopause on women’s health and aging [National Institute on Aging]

Hormonal shift during menopause changes women’s metabolic profile [Medical Life Sciences News]

How can I tame hot flashes naturally? [For Women First]

Is HRT a better treatment for depression in older women? [Today]

Testosterone: could it be a midlife woman’s savior? [The Times, subscription required]

The 3 midlife factors that raise your odds for Alzheimer’s [U.S. News]

Temperomandibular disorder-induced pain likely to increase during menopause transition [EurekAlert]

To save lives, doctors should ask menopausal women if they snore [Time of Israel]

What is menopause insomnia? 5 ways to treat it [Woman’s World]

How to prevent osteoporosis after menopause [HealthEssentials]

New poll shows how menopause and other health issues get in the way of older women’s sex lives [News Medical]

Millions of women experience menopause symptoms without realizing the cause, poll suggests [The Independent]

What is menopause and how long do symptoms last? [The New York Times]


The midlife women having mind-blowing sex [Metro UK]

The midlife crisis isn’t real, so middle-aged men should relax if they want a sports car [iNews UK]

5 ways to reignite your sex life in midlife [The Telegraph]

I’m a middle-aged woman living alone. Sometime I think: Is this it? [Irish Times]

What I learned from sleeping with 8 men in a year after a messy divorce at 47 [New York Post]

Coming out in midlife: Why it needn’t be a drama [The Times (subscription required)]


Why menopause matters in the academic workplace [Nature]

Another BigLaw firm adopts a menopause policy [ABA Journal]

BigLaw firms are now offering menopause support packages to new employees [Above the Law]

Tamra Judge, 54, details her struggle with menopause: ‘I take hormones, supplements, and had to up my cardio’ [DailyMail]

Menopausal women lack basic support, landmark study finds [The Guardian]






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