Mean Reads: Midlife women need sex; HRT hysteria retrospective; Gwyneth, Cameron, Drew invest in menopause startup

Gwyneth Paltrow in 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival, photo credit: Andrea Raffin.


Motherhood and later menopause may cut the risk of women developing dementia [Dailly Mail]

20 year of data lead to changes in perceptions and usage of menopausal HT [Healio]

Dear Doctor: I wish I’d never taken estrogen going through menopause  [Oregon Live]

Tweaking your diet may provide relief from menopausal hot flashes [The Globe and Mail (registration required)]

I had no idea I was going through menopause, here’s what I wish I knew [Women’s Health]

Autism and menopause: A Q & A with Rachel Moseley and Rachel Turner-Cobb [Spectrum]

Whales help scientists study the mysteries of menopause [Hackaday]

Telehealth startup Evernow lands $28.5M series A for menopause treatments, 27/7 medical support [Fierce Healthcare]


It’s a myth that middle-aged women don’t want sex—we need it more than ever [The Guardian]

Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore invest in Evernow, a startup that guides women through menopause [Entrepreneur]

Best skincare for menopausal skin [Real Simple]

8 products that can help ease menopause symptoms [HuffPost]

5 great beauty brands for menopause [Express UK]


Generation X: All eyes on retirement [Investopedia]

Why workplaces need to actively support women in menopause and how they can [Well + Good]

Here’s how brands can authentically connect with Gen X [Forbes]


Twitter is sharing the disturbing books they read when they were way too young [WhatsTrending]

This is 64: Feminist sex writer Susie Bright responds to the Oldster questionnaire [Oldster Magazine]

How Gen X TikTok is recycling late Cold War culture, and what’s old is new again [LA Times]



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