Mean Reads: perils of being funny at work, R. Kelly, women in sports

Jailed Saudi women’s rights activist subjected to ‘brutal torture and sexual harassment’, brother claims (Fox News)

3 ways women can help close the gender pay gap (Yahoo News)

Being witty at work will be held against you (The Cut)

Daring to ride a bike and 5 other ways women are changing the world (NPR)

2 women living with R. Kelly denounce their parents and deny being brainwashed (The New York Times)

7 times women in sports fought for equality (The New York Times)

What are the biggest problems women face today? (Politico)

40 stories from women about life in the military (The New York Times)

There’s no such thing as ‘real women’ (The Atlantic)

7 of history’s greatest women-led protests (The Washington Post)

6 celebrity collabs to support International Women’s Day (Variety)

14 badass women from around the world you probably haven’t heard of (Buzzfeed)

Lastly, we love Mark Ruffalo:


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