Mean reads: the clap heard ’round the world; AOC’s new deal; Tracey Thorn’s memoir

The clap back heard ’round the world (CNN)

Nancy Pelosi explains why she clapped like that (HuffPost)

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter responds to the clapping frenzy (USA Today)

13 best SOTU Nancy Pelosi clapping memes (Harper’s Bazaar)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveils Green New Deal plan (CNN)

What black girl magic looks like (The Washington Post)

Are women better leaders of diverse countries? (Harvard Business Review)

Jane Fonda: Women underrepresented (still) in Oscar nominations (The Guardian)

How women are challenging Poland’s ultra-conservative regime (Dazed)

The biggest financial mistake women make (NBC)

Ivanka Trump to unveil women’s economic growth project (Time)

Cardi B and Arianna Grande show cash is queen for women in music (NY Times)

“I had a late-term abortion and I’m not a murderer” (Slate)

Why did women in Congress wear white? (Washington Post)

Zambian fashion to follow (Dazed)

Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl wrote a memoir (Dazed)

Cardi B on motherhood and postpartum depression (Jezebel)

Fremont, CA’s first black female police officer honored for Black History Month (KTVU)



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