Mean Reads: Winning Warren; Women Snubbed by Oscars, Rock & Roll; Women’s March Tries Again

caroleking Tapestry cover

Carole King on the cover of her album Tapestry, released in 1971

After controversial leaders step down, the Women’s March tries again in 2020 [NPR]

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are their own evidence that women can win [Vox]

Op-Ed: Elizabeth Warren brushed off Bernie Sanders and taught a master class in handling sexism [L.A. Times]

Less sex linked to earlier menopause [CNN]

This is why women now hold more jobs than men [CNN]

WNBA makes ‘big bet on women’ with new contract [The New York Times]

Menopause, evolution and parenting energy [WSJ]

Women snubbed for Oscar nominations [NBC]

High blood pressure progresses sooner and faster in women [The New York Times]

It’s time for women to have both a seat and a voice in the board room [The Washington Post]

The overlooked history of women at work [The New York Times]

41 women who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [NPR]

The onset of menopause can trigger depression and anxiety [NPR]

Why questions on women candidates strike a nerve [The New York Times]

Women replace men on Geneva road signs [SWI]

How ‘Believe women’ could backfire [The Guardian]

Why are mid-career women physicians leaving academic medicine? [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

How puberty, pregnancy and perimenopause effect women’s mental health [NPR]

Pope Francis appoints first woman to Senior Vatican diplomatic role [CNN]

Really seeing Marmee: Oh, how Little Women’s matriarch has changed [The New York Times]

How far can abused women go to protect themselves? [The New Yorker]

Why I’m not going back to the Women’s March [The Federalist]

Why many Muslim women are skipping the Women’s March [Middle East Eye]

The benefits of estrogen therapy [Today]




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