Nina Lorez Collins talks aging unapologetically and her new role at Revel

Nina Lorez Collins

Photo by Tanya Mallot

Video and audio editing by Sofija Jovanov.

Today’s episode features Nina Lorez Collins, chief creative officer for Revel, an events and community platform for women over 40. She’s also the founder of The Woolfer, which Revel acquired earlier this year.

In 2015 she started a closed Facebook group called What Would Virginia Woolf Do?, which eventually became The Woolfer. That led to a book with the same name, plus the subtitle: As I Attempt to Age Without Apology.

As we discuss in the podcast, the idea of aging without apology resonates for me because as I  get older, I feel like I should be sorry for getting old—like I’m letting people down somehow.

But things are changing: Revel was founded (with VC funding)  by two women in their thirties who saw the value in women in our 40s and 50s.

Nina is a graduate of Barnard college and has a master’s degree from Columbia narrative medicine. She has a long professional background in book publishing both as a literary scout and an agent. She serves as a trustee of the Brooklyn Public Library, and board member of the publishing house Spiegel and Grau.

Nina also manages the literary estate of her late mother, the filmmaker and writer Kathleen Collins.


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