Episode 42: A makeup artist demonstrates an easy smokey eye for women over 50
Mean Reads: PFAS diabetes risk for midlife women; older, better brains for women; say no to keto
These 20 easy spring dresses are under $250 and perfect if you’re over 50
Mean Reads: Midlife women need sex; HRT hysteria retrospective; Gwyneth, Cameron, Drew invest in menopause startup
5 easy ways to prepare the outside of your home for summer gatherings
F That: If you’re over 50, stop washing your hair
Episode 41: Why do doctors love hormone treatments until women want to use them to feel better?
Mean Reads: Gen X ASMR; Second Covid booster; J. Jill for Gen X?
Oscars 2022: Why I’m not talking about the Oscars
Mean Reads: Jen Kirkman’s new album OK, Gen X; Albright’s infuriating jewelry; more midlife crisis news
Episode 40: Writer Brad King on white men as weapons, masculinity as kindness, Captain and Tenille and more
Your spring wardrobe transition is easy with a roomy shirtdress


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