Mean reads: Serena Williams and anger; Myers-Briggs creator; do moms drink too much?

Photo by Arzu Cengiz on Unsplash

Are moms drinking too much? [Today]

Violence and sexual harassment is now a crime in Morocco [Al Jazeera]

12 women are running for governor in 2018—more than ever before [Vox]

A woman’s fight to become Chief in Lesotho [CNN]

Are women allowed to be angry? [NPR]

First women leads Citadel cadets [CBS]

The self-made woman who created Myers-Briggs [Nature]

Serena Williams and the angry black woman [Boston Globe]

‘Designing Women’s’ creator has some words for Les Moonves [Hollywood Reporter]

The 19th Amendment meant much more than the right to vote [The Atlantic]

Female musicians are breaking up the male samba circle [The New York Times]

Sexist hometowns plague women’s careers [The New York Times]

Men peak at 50, women at 18 according to online dating [The New York Times]

Does gender equality enhance gender differences? [The Atlantic]

Women are replacing male CEOs faster than ever [Entrepreneur]







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