Your spring wardrobe transition is easy with a roomy shirtdress

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r13 denim shirtdress
Photo via R13

A roomy shirtdress, I submit, is the perfect transitional piece to take you from hibernation to dipping your toe into the pool of the outside world.

This spring, the masks are coming off and gatherings are actually happening. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but having one of these trusty garments in you wardrobe arsenal can make everything a bit more manageable.

If you’ve put on Covid weight, it’s a piece that will still look great whether the weight comes off or if you gain a little more—just go a size up and/or add a belt when necessary.

It’s a worthy investment because it can be worn SO MANY ways. A shirtdress also will suit pretty much every style from bohemian to preppy. It can be flowy and loose or a bit structured. Either way it’s always buttoned up (see what I did there)!

Keep scrolling for all the ways you can wear a shirtdress this spring, no matter what your style or budget!

Long and loose

So easy: throw it on, put on some shoes (maybe some jewelry if you’re feeling fancy?) and you are done. Keep everything loose for a super comfy but put-together vibe. Remember: you don’t have to wear the belt.

Short and sweet

This can be such a fun menswear-inspired look. Or, choose a ruffly version for a super girly look. If you love a short length and feel like showing off those gams, go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not age-appropriate (and, again, remember you don’t have to wear the belt).


Whether you go for a sort or long shirtdress, a belt adds a little structure and shows off your waist, if you’re up for that. The beauty is, even if your dress doesn’t come with its own belt, you can add one that’s already in your closet. Mix and match fabrics, or try a leather one to ground the look. Try a large fabric one made of stiff material like taffeta or heavy cotton to create a large bow for a festive look.

As a swim coverup

A shirtdress does not have to be designated a coverup specifically to be used as one. A piece that’s sheer works great, but so does really any shirtdress—leave the buttons open for a beachy look, and button up (or not) when it’s time for cocktails.

As a jacket

I often use my denim shirtdress as a light jacket. Choose one that’s made of a slightly heavier fabric like tk, denim or even a heavier silk, and make sure to size up so it will fit over your clothing. A longer version gives a cool duster vibe.

Over pants

Choose pretty much any of the short shirtdresses above and layer it over jeans, leather pants, bell bottoms, skinny jeans—whatever your pleasure, and you’ve got a cool outfit that will also keep you protected and warm. That comes in especially handy when the weather is windy!

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