Mean Reads: Does the women’s march matter? Weinstein; Female Trumpers; and why can’t be believe a woman can win?
Mean reads: Women impress during impeachment and Dem debate; Menopause the Musical
Mean Reads: First All-Female Space Walk, Menopause Talk, Shrinking Vaginas
Mean Reads: Bernie Booed, Designer Amelia Earhart, Systemic Sexism at Sterling
Mean reads: Women in cannabis, toxic Microsoft, Michelle Pfeiffer’s clean perfume
Mean Reads: NASA SNAFU, Ivanka’s tone deafness, should you lean in?

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Mean reads: Gloria Steinem, hair discrimination, Jenna Friedman
Mean reads: Women’s March, Nancy Pelosi, Oracle’s unfair pay
Mean Reads: Women changing politics, Everlane’s undies, funny ladies

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