These 20 easy-to-wear spring dresses are under $250 and perfect if you’re over 50

When I was little, my mom bought us both a new spring dress every year. We didn’t buy new clothes all that often so it was a big deal. We called them our Easter dresses and we wore them to church on Easter Sunday.

I love my memories of that annual ritual of welcoming the new season with my mom. And even though I don’t go to church anymore, I still like to buy a new dress each spring. It’s a fun way to experiment with new trends and it just feels good to have something new at the ready for any event that might pop up.

I know it’s so groundbreaking, but I am loving florals for spring! But I’m also loving black and bright colors. The one thread in common with many of the spring dresses I’ve chosen below is puff sleeves. Can’t get enough.

And as the headline mentions, all of the dresses are under $250, except the one above and here’s why: it’s next to impossible to find images that work for the stories I post at Mean, because almost no one uses middle-aged models. After way too much time spent searching, I finally chose this one even though this dress costs $569. The price is not right for this particular post, but at least the model is in our approximate target age range, and wearing a spring dress!

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