Totally tubular: If you remember this saying, you need this new mascara technology

Before after wander beauty tubing mascara

Photo via Wander Beauty on Instagram

Mascara that flakes and falls is never good, but it’s arguably a whole other level of not good after 50. Stray black flecks of mascara disturb the peace I thought I had made with my crow’s feet.

So I was thrilled to discover a new technology in mascara, which those in the know call “tubing.” It’s an apt moniker because this mascara literally creates teeny tiny tubes around each of your lashes, making them longer and thicker with each swipe of the wand.

When it’s time to remove the mascara, those little tubes stay intact as they disengage from your lashes. So you don’t get raccoon eyes and smears, just minute cylinders to wipe away, which is easily done with a warm washcloth. I use a gentle cleanser as well but experts say water alone will do the trick.

Tubing mascara is made with polymers rather than the wax and pigment used in traditional formulas. So it’s water-resistant but gentle—those with delicate lashes say it won’t cause damage or breaks. Plus, it will stay put even if you have oily eyelids.

One characteristic to note about tubing mascaras is that they are more about length than thickness. If you want fluffy, dense lashes, this might not be the formula for you. More than one coat can lead to clumping, so trying to achieve a thicker lash with more product will likely backfire. But if mile-long lashes are your jam, look no further.

I discovered tubing technology when Wander Beauty was apparently doing a big Instagram push, and I bit (I have had surprisingly good luck with my Ig ad purchases, the subject of a future post—stay tuned!). I’ve been using the Wander Mile High Club Volume and Length mascara (although as I mentioned and despite the name I would recommend it more for length than volume), for about a year now and I’m hooked. Don’t just take it from me: it won the Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award for Best Mascara, the Allure Best of Beauty Award, and the PureWow x Blink Beauty Indie Beauty Award Winner for Best Mascara all in 2019.

Shop Wander and more clean, cruelty-free tubing mascaras below!


Blinc volumizing tubing mascara

Blinc Ultravolume Tubing Mascara, $26

Blinc claims to be the first and best tubing mascara. The brand is cruelty free, clean, and vegan. The original formula is sold out, but luckily Blinc has two other formulations: Ultravolume and also Amplified. Let us know your favorite!

Wander tubing mascara

Wander Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, $26

The Instagram ads worked on me, and, as luck would have it, the product itself really works too. Created by a supermodel and a serial entrepreneur, the brand has won 30+ beauty awards in just five years, including Allure Best of Beauty Awards.

Calliray tubing mascara

Calliray Come Hell or High Water Volumizing Tubing Mascara, $24

This one is PACT approved and defitiely wins in the packaging department for both aesthetics and use of recycled components. This clean formula has nothing but rave reviews on Sephora.

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash mascara

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara, $29

This vegan mascara lifts and lenghtens dramatially with one coat. The ultra-black pigment will make your eyes pop.




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