How to look happier when wearing lipstick (even if you have a downturned mouth)

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All mouths are different. Big, small, full lips, thin ones, upturned, downturned. They’re all beautiful. That said, anytime you add a bold lipstick, that natural shape will be emphasized, maybe even exaggerated.

That means if you have a naturally downturned mouth—which can can be the result of genes or gravity—adding a bright or dark color might might you look mad when you’re really not.

Makeup artist and beauty YouTuber Lisa Eldridge has a surprisingly easy solution, which, as you can see above, is quite effective. It involves products you most likely already have at home and you don’t need to be a licensed make up artist to make it happen.

The trick is in stopping short of the actual corners of your mouth when applying the lip color. The technique gives the illusion of more vertical and plump lip at rather than a very wide, thinner and downturned mouth. She also uses concealer to demarcate where the lip color will begin and end.

It’s pretty genius if you ask me.

You might also notice that in the after photo she’s wearing a bit of blush—make sure you watch the video to find out how she used the same lipstick on her cheeks!

And if you’re not into lipstick, there’s always face yoga. I’m intrigued… has anyone tried it?

I’ve included some red and otherwise bright lipsticks to shop below. Kosas and Ilia are two of my current favorite makeup brands for their non-toxicity and because they’re full of nourishing ingredients—so it’s like skincare and makeup in one. I’ve also included some Gucci because wow look at those cases!! I’ve also included some concealer brushes similar to the one Lisa uses in her video, as well as some concealer options (I just recently bought the Kosas one and can attest it is amazing, especially for over-50 skin!).

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  1. Down Turned Mouth
    November 24, 2021 / 6:10 pm

    The appearance of a downturned mouth is either genetic or caused by age. The muscles around the mouth begin to sag which results in a drooping appearance and can create lines around the mouth that may not look flattering for some. You can remedy this by elevating the corners of your mouth using Botox, where the treatment will tighten the muscles around that area and give your mouth a lifted look. The procedure is virtually painless and only takes a few minutes, with its effects appearing throughout a week or so.

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