How to make your salad exciting: What if fattoush were an outfit?

fattoush outfit

I feel so good when I eat a big salad full of greens and maybe some seeds and nuts and all the usual suspects including celery, carrots, and tomatoes. Toss it with some olive oil and lemon, season with salt and pepper and I’m feeling pretty good about my meal.

Getting there, though, is sometimes a chore. The idea of chopping makes me want to reach my hand into a bag of something awful for immediate satisfaction rather than laboring with a knife.

But when I have a fun salad recipe in mind, somehow I find the will to get on with the chopping. I will chop for fattoush!

Fattoush, if you’re not familiar, is a Lebanese salad that is as beautiful as it is delicious. It takes salad to the next level with glorious toasted pita plus mint, pomegranate molasses, and sumac for some very interesting and delicious seasoning. You can also add feta, beets and whatever else might get you exciting about eating a salad.

And then it’s always fun make your meal the inspiration for an outfit. Why not, on International Women’s Day?

The Dries Van Noten dress is stunning and perfect for our purposes—but is also, sadly, almost sold out. So I have collected several similar dresses below for your shopping pleasure.

The Valentino Red shoes look so comfy and bread-like, don’t they? Or maybe feta-like.

fattoush salad

Photo via Foodista

I tried to replicate the very dark red color of dried sumac with the burgundy Chloe bag. The ruby ring is intended to evoke a cherry tomato, and the earrings bring to mind the golden-brown pita after its been toasted and tossed in delicious extra-virgin olive oil.

It’s worth investing in dried sumac and pomegranate molasses so you can make this salad on the regular! Check out Bon Appetit’s recipe and let me know if you try it (or the outfit).

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