Contribute to Mean!

Journalist Kristen Philipkoski created Mean Magazine to serve women who are diving into the second half of their lives with ambition, enthusiasm, and style. We see you, even though most media don’t seem to.

We know that middle age doesn’t mean fading into the background. You might have grandkids, kids in college, babies, or no children and all. Whatever your personal story, you’re probably going through some major transitions—menopause, empty next, gray hair, losing parents—and we’re here for all of it.

We hope to inspire, delight, and commiserate with storytelling, interviews, and articles of interest to women who are approximately 50. Our sections include fashion, personal style, interior style, and beauty. We are feminists, we’re progressive, and we believe in science.

It’s always kaftan season around here.

We also have a podcast!

We accept submissions, so please get in touch if you’d like to be interviewed for the podcast or if you’d like to contribute to the magazine.

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