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Mean Magazine is a feminist blog and podcast that connects women across generations. Whether you were born into the silent generation, Generation Z, or somewhere in between, there’s a common thread to be found, and something to learn.

We inspire, entertain, and empower through multigenerational storytelling, punctuated by some of the other things that make life beautiful including fashion, personal style, interior style, beauty, and travel.

Mean is looking for article submissions that fall under any of the above categories. For example, a story about co-founders who are 30 and 70; unexpected fashion (think the antithesis of “what to wear if you’re 30, 40, 50, etc.) or beauty articles along those same lines. We’d also love to read your personal essays that fall under these topics, as well as profiles of category-defying women.

We are also seeking women to interview for the podcast and would love your suggestions.

We aim to be inclusive and intersectional and we would love your help getting as many voices on the site as possible. Please use the link below to submit your idea. Thank you, we look forward to reading your work!


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