Yes you can wear bronzer and highlighter after 50—here’s how to make it look beautiful

Tamara's Timeless Beauty

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Until I saw this video from Tamara’s Timeless Beauty, I without a doubt thought my days of bronzer and highlighter were over. Actually, I never in my life wore highlighter (it wasn’t a thing when we were younger, was it?), and I never expected to embrace it.

But after seeing how 61-year-old Tamara applies bronzer, highlighter, and blush to look so pretty, I’m a convert.

Below are her tips, in order of application, for how to breathe life into your cheeks with color- and light-enhancing makeup. Keep watching the whole video for Tamara’s full-face dos and don’ts!


Brand — Tamara’s favorite is Milani Silky Matte Bronzing Powder, which is very kind to the wallet at just $10. But if, like me, you’re not hot on powders, perhaps you’ll join me in being excited to try Bobbi Brown’s new Jones Road Miracle Balms, which are super clean and come in shades that work as highlighter, blush and bronzer!

Application — Tamara says to place bronzer it just at your cheekbone, not below. Placing it a little higher than is typical helps lift and liven up your face rather than dragging it down.


BrandCharlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is Tamara’s favorite and it certainly looks amazing on her. It comes in tons of colors and acts like a real life Instagram filter, even on mature skin. It illuminates without sparkle or shimmer.

Application — It should be placed high on the cheekbone as well as on the apple of the cheek (instead of applying blush in this location as you may have when you were younger).


Brand — Tamara uses Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, which is a nice bright pink. I will reiterate what I said above: If you’re not into powder I’m super excited to try the Jones Road Miracle balm for a bit of subtle pink illumination.

Application — Forget the “smile and apply to the apple of your cheek” method! It works when you’re 20 but not when you’re 50. When you stop smiling everything just looks droopy—and I’m all for embracing your age but looking more droopy than necessary is not my jam. Instead, Tamara demonstrates how to apply the blush high on the cheekbone and back a little further from the apple of the cheek.





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