9 Etsy Shops For Incredible, Modern Textile Wall Art

9 Etsy Shops For Incredible, Modern Textile Wall Art

Whether you’re decorating your first apartment or adding to your 30-year macrame collection, there seems to always be a wall hangin’ around that’s begging for a new piece of textile art.

You can find some pretty good deals on Etsy, as compared to, say, a boutique in an expensive city like San Francisco where I live. But it’s not easy sifting through thousands of Etsy shops for exceptional quality and design. So I’ve done the work for you! My goal was to find shops that had: 1. Items like nothing I’d seen before; 2. Design consistency; 3. At least 15 pieces that meet the previous qualifications; and 4. an aesthetic that would suit a wide range of palates.

The result, unsurprisingly, is that I want to cover my home in one of each of these pieces. How do you guys think I did? Let me know in the comments!

Some of the most magnificent, most colorful pieces I’ve ever seen.

modern macrame wall art

Ranran Designs
This maker uses color and negative space in super interesting and unique ways.

Not your mother’s quilting!

Telarama Weaving
In addition to Bowie, you’ll find Lou Reed, Morrisey, and more.

Wall Knot
This London collective makes gorgeous pieces for your home or even an outdoor wedding.


Needlepoint has never looked so modern!

B Perrino
Another quilt maker who uses color and pattern in whole new ways.

The way she uses frames is so unexpected!

Mandi Smethells
Perfect pieces for kids’ rooms that you won’t find anywhere else.





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