Mean reads: Women impress during impeachment and Dem debate; Menopause the Musical

Amy Sherald Baltimore Museum of ArtAmy Sherald’s Planes, rockets, and the spaces in between (2018) at the Baltimore Museum of Art

What a debate run by women looks like [The Nation]

What do we hear when women speak? [The New York Times]

Klobuchar: Women are held to a higher standard [The New York Times]

Fiona Hill on women’s anger [The Hill]

Women making history in Virginia [Washington Post]

Some women feel fetal kicks years after they’ve given birth [New Scientist]

Central Park gets first statue of female historical figure [Snopes]

Why are there so few women in aviation? [CNN]

Will Oscar voters pay attention to women directors this year? [LA Times]

Baltimore Museum will buy only works by women in 2020 [NPR]

Class action lawsuit claims Michigan women’s prison is filthy [ABC News]

Women in Iowa are protesting the state’s tampon tax [KCRG]

Women are losing the thermostat war [National Post]

Partners’ sexual dysfunction contributes to low libido in older women [Medical press]

Tickets for Menopause, the Musical in Vegas are on sale now []





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